Brewing 101 - Part 1

This is a short write up on how to brew some all-grain beer. Today I am making a pale ale, hopped with fresh cascade hops.

First bring 15 gallons of water to a raging boil - typically between 160* - 170*

Properly weigh out the amount of two-row barley (naked barley) you will need for the mash, along with the grain bill. There are many ways to brew beer; some buy malt extract (faster brewing time as a whole - 2-3 hours) where as all-grain can take you anywhere between 5-7 hours depending on how efficient you are with each step. All-grain requires a few extra steps to make the wort, where as the malt extract is your "wort."

This recipe calls for 20 pounds of two-row.
- cara pils
- carmal / crystal malt 20
- crystal malt - 80

grain, minus the two-row

Once the water temp has reached the desired temp - 165* in this case, add the boiling water to the grain and let it "steep" for 60 - 90 minutes. The temperature will start to release the fermentable sugar content from the grain. These sugars will help produce the alcohol once added with the yeast.

Notice the blanket around the keg will help to hold some heat in. Consistent temperature is key to release the proper sugar needed in the beer.

Now we are ready to start the sparge. The sparge basically adds water to the "mash" while you start to drain the "sugar water" into the boil. The trick here is to have an equal amount of water going into your "mash", as you have coming out of the mash.

Sugar water - tastes like candy….

Once you have a full keg of "sugar water." We bring this to a boil & add hops according to the recipe.

Stay tuned for part 2…. Thanks for reading!

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