Evasive Maneuvers 101

This is a story about a brown with amazing evasive maneuvers when hooked with a fly. Last week I found a nice slot and hooked a nice brown several drifts later… this brown was full of piss and vinegar. She shook her head with such force snapping 4x, like a pitbull with a chicken bone. I was flat out shocked and amazed. Now she had some official "jewelry" in her lip.. I had to come back for round two and my fly…The next night I took my buddy out to give the slot a go. Sure enough, he hooked that same fish on the first drift. The take appeared to be a snag, but once it started moving my buddy was amazed. His 6wt switch was bent, like a kid without ice cream at the fair. I knew it was that same fish by the way she fought. The fish ended up spitting the fly a minute later. I looked at my buddy and we both were dumbfounded and white in the face. Alright, time to put on the gloves for this fish… Now it was war! She haunted my dreams for the next few nights... I had to go back. I let the slot rest for several more days and ended up checking it out last night. Flows were perfect, bugs were out, and it was time to land this bad girl. I rigged up my friends rod..I kid you not, we hooked that fish again - first drift. I grabbed the net knowing that we are going to land this fish. She jumped completely out of the water to reveal her true size or maybe give us the "fin." She ran down river with help from the current, we were in pursuit. Back and forth head shakes were dished out, but my buddy maintained tension on the fish with perfection. After 5 minutes or so, she looked ready to come to the net, but we were wrong - one more run 50 yards downstream. We were in pursuit again. I yelled to my buddy to get her in a back-eddie. The trick worked - she was in the net!
Another on the night
Shot a few rounds in the AM - Geary getting after it!


Fishing & Fathers Day...

Fishing has been good lately in the Tahoe area. Flows on the Truckee are a steady 260 after being pumped the last week or so… Flows in the Hirschdale canyon are around 750 cubes, which fishes well. Throw on a sink tip with a streamer or hit them down low with some nymphs. Caddis (#16), PMD's (#18), Green drakes (#10) have been working well lately. Stones (#8/10) also have been producing. Fish the seams with a dry/dropper combo with a high-stick for best results. Bring sunscreen & a good pair of sunglasses with you, it's been hot in the Truckee area. Fish the fast water during mid-day, fast water hold more oxygen and tend to be cooler for the trout. Drys have been coming off in the evening, nothing too consistent yet…Look for long flat spots to cast your 5x/dry combo...Little Truckee is fishing well with flows in the 330 range. Add more split shot than your used to and fish some new water. You may get a surprise tug…Some photos from the last few days…


About that time...

Been on the water a lot lately, mostly the Truckee. Everything is fishing prime right now; lakes, rivers, & small creeks. Caddis started popping about noon on Tuesday (size 16). The PMD hatch has been great this past week. We were getting them on drys, streamers, & nymphs. I like to bring two rods out when your expecting a hatch. One rod rigged dry fly & the other nymph. Saves time and you can fish the water with more efficiency. Saw a few green drakes, but don't expect those in large numbers for another week. The weather looks to be great for the next 10 day forecast with warm temperatures in the mid 70's. Lakes will be warming up soon and the fish should be active. Flows are ideal below the Boca confluence for high-stick nymphing. Tie on a big ugly streamer if you want a shot at a big brown... Sun & Mon are available… #1. Dan LeCount with a Truckee River rainbow #2. Rod arsenal #3. Truckee River

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