Ideal Conditions Soon...

Memorial Day weekend was a wet one! We got some snow Friday night along with some rain here in Truckee. This kept some folks away from the mountains, but the ones who were out fishing (hopefully) were successful. March browns, dark stones, midges, PMD's, & small caddis have been getting fish on the surface. Soon the green drakes will be out and about. Look for those midday with overcast skies or in the evening right before dark. Size 10, 12 typically get the job done. Casting your dry downstream will provide the best presentation. Truckee is flowing great for all types of fishing. The Little Truckee flows have been ramped up to a steady 600+ cfs for several days now. Fish are holding along the edges in the slower currents. Bring a wading staff, as the flows are quite a bit high to wade at the moment. Weather and the fishing looks great for next week, come on up! Some photos from the last few…


Officially Summer… Well Almost

It officially feels like summer in Tahoe, although summer doesn't technically start until June 20. With the weather and fishing warming up, things are only going to get better! I saw some march browns, BWO's, small caddis, & plenty of midges out and about. Pat's Rubber Legs, Hare's Ear, soft-hackls, Bird's Nest, zebra midges, & Prince Nymph's have been working well lately. Streamer fishing has been producing with a nice slow strip all the way to the river embankment. If you strip the sink link fast, look for a take on the pause. I prefer to use 0x tippet off of my sink tip. This lets you pull up some sticks/river debris without hesitation of losing a fly. Here are some photos from the last few days. The raft got it's maiden voyage yesterday, things are good! Fishing is on, come get some!


Sunshine in Tahoe

Sunshine, fresh air, and fish have been on the menu lately. Temperatures are rising to the low 70's this week, which means more snow run-off will be filling our rivers. High flows should help move the fish around. Nymphing the riffles, deep pools, and back eddies have been productive. Jean and Jeanette came up with some friends to fish and they had a great day. A few fish were also brought to net. The next few weeks or so will be productive, so grab a friend and head on up to Tahoe to fish! A few pictures from the last few days….
Jean with a nice brown
Pro tip - It is always a good idea with each new season to replace your fly line. Yes, they are a bit expensive, but worth every penny. From time to time you will snag your line in the bushes, rocks, trees, etc and will cause abrasions on the fly line. When your fly line cracks, water can be absorbed within the fly line thus creating a sub par drift. Replacing the line will help turn over your different casts with more accuracy, precision, and mending. Buy the RIO Gold line, you will have no regrets...


Tahoe Fly Fishing Report - 5/3

Things have been great in the Tahoe area recently! The seasons are transitioning from one to another, but the fishing never ceases to impress. Although the water levels aren't ideal for dry flies, nymphing still remains champ. I fished with a buddy today and he landed several rainbows and we got a double. First double hookup of the 2012 season! They both took a soft-hackle emerger under some lead. It rained a bit today, but the weather outcast for the next week looks to be low 60's, perfect for some trout fishing this weekend!

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