Spring conditions almost here!

Last Tuesday was the first day of spring and it's snowing on and off this week. This should help fill the water tables and replenish the ski resorts. I had the day off yesterday and headed to the Truckee (NV side) for some tugs. BWO's were out in full force! The edge of the river was lined with these little guys. Risers everywhere! I busted out the switch rod and swung a streamer most of the day. Landed plenty of bows in the 14-16" range and also lost a hog. She spit a size 4 stinger…couldn't tell if it was a brown or bow, but I got spooled… The bugs are slowly making their way up the Truckee. CA side should be starting to fish well in the next few weeks or so. Availability is starting to fill up, so book your trip soon! Here are some shots from the last week.

The Truckee
Truckee River - NV side
Getting to the river...
What's this thing?


March madness

March madness is coming up, better select that winning bracket! On the other hand we started our own March madness in Tahoe… Winter started a bit late, but at least we are getting some snow for the Sierra. Fishing has been pretty good too! Cold nights and warm days are in the forecast for the next several days, then possibly some weather on Sunday. Nevada side has been fishing well, BWO's and skwala's are on the menu. California side is a bit cooler, but fish have still been eating midday. Streamers are right around the corner…stay tuned!

Truckee Bow

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