It's..Too good to be true

Sorry for the belated update…been busy fishing of course! Last weekend I dusted off the ol' drift boat and floated the Yuba with my family. Bows, steel, kings occupied the best runs in the river. Big rigs, 10-15 ft leaders and 3-4 size AB's to get the flies down. Egg's and legs as they say, did the trick. The LT has been producing nice fish as well. A lot of brightly colored bows in the 16-19 inch range are being netted. You can't go wrong with BWO's or caddis. Dry fly is still hit or miss, were just waiting for the temperature to drop a bit more, high 50's is prime. On Thursday, I headed down to the NV side (east of Sparks) to find some big fish. Temp's were ideal, as well as the water clarity. Big stones, anything with legs, and very small BWO emerger patterns netted several decent size fish. Hard fighters down there…don't go lower than 5x. Here are some shots from the past few days.


The weather forecast looks great for the next week! Nymphing & streamer fishing has been productive lately. Be sure to get that dead drift with your flies. Mending is king! Below is a nice healthy male, check out that kype + teeth combo! Throw your stuff in the car and head to Tahoe for some supreme fishing!


Fall Colors

Had a few hours to kill yesterday, so I poked around in some foreign waters… Can't tell you where, but I can show you...Plenty of trout to go around! Scuds, micro mays, baetis, & soft-hackle oct caddis did the job. The rivers are starting to cool off a bit, which is excellent for consistent feeding throughout the day. As the fish prep for winter, so are us folks in the mountains. Mornings and nights are chilly. Crowds have vanished, but the fishing is still on fire! Book your trip before Friday, October 21 and receive 10% off your half/full day trip!

Fall Colors
Spawned out Kokanee


Indian Summer

It looks like good weather for the next week or so..fishing or should I say catching, has been great lately! Small caddis #20, BWO's #20, small olive stones #20, & soft hackle oct caddis have all been producing fish. Big fish have to eat ALOT of small stuff to maintain their diet, so throwing on a streamer or a big stone pattern can get some big takes that might snap you on 4x. If you toss on a streamer, get a nice medium sink tip and fish the edges. You'd be surprised, but most of the big fish being landed are near the river edges, back eddies, fast water, & slicks. Go see Andy Burk at West River Fly Shop for the hott streamer pattern!



Some fish porn from the last few days…

Gary w/ lake brown

What do you think I was about to say?

Bent Rods All Around

With this NBA lockout still being figured out.. someone has to be slam-dunking something! Rich and crew were landing some nice fish today. Overcast weather, full moon last night, and a scheduled BWO hatch were factors that all contributed to a great fishing session. The browns are officially headed up river looking for a mate. I've noticed several spawning beds in the river that have already been cleared, but no fish "sitting" on their redds yet… The Truckee is fishing well at the moment. Streamers seem to be the ticket… but don't forget those october caddis on the swing. Now is the time of year for a trophy brown of a lifetime, so don't hesitate... Book your trip today!

Pro Tip - Replacing your leader each time you go out is a great idea this time of year, because any nick or abrasion on your leader could potentially break off a trophy fish... The big ones always seem to find the weaknesses of your rig...



The second storm set off the BWO's (#20)! Today, we got a gentleman start and fish were hooked within minutes of fishing. Trout are opportunistic feeders, so gear up and cast some dries to rising heads… can't get any takes? Drop your tippet a size and buff the fly with some floatant. Browns are starting to come up the river with full spawning intention. If you can, stay on the sides of the river; to not only protect spawning redds, but also for stealth purposes. Things are looking good from here on out!


First Snow

Yep, last night it snowed in Tahoe. Just a dusting, but cold temps none the less. Sunday/Monday was good fishing. Tuesday, the barometric pressure dropped and the fish weren't having it. Some say, air pressure has no effect on the fish… yesterday proved that wrong. This cold spell hopefully should trigger the BWO hatch.. caddis are still coming off, just in smaller numbers. October caddis are out - saw one the size of a small hummingbird the other night. Fishing should only get better from here on out. Grab a jacket and get your gear together and head to Tahoe for some good fishing!

Quick Facts - "Barometric pressure varies with altitude. A higher elevation will have less atmosphere above it which exerts less pressure. To keep readings standard across the world, barometric pressure is to be indicated at sea level. Therefore, readings at elevations other than at sea level will require a correction factor which is based on the elevation and the air temperature (colder air weighs more and will require a greater correction)."
Reference - http://www.quickoneplus.com/fish/articles/page.asp?page=barometric

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