Brisk and Refreshing

Inspiration to hit the river…

Flows are perfect in the Tahoe area. BWO's have been coming off, along with the skwala's. Streamers produced the past few days. Temps are cold, but the fish are still feeding actively throughout the day. Flows seem to be steady. Have faith in the flies you tie on and fish them with a purpose. Tightlines!


Birthday Brown

Yep.. yesterday I turned a year older. I gathered the sticks and headed to the river. Fishing started slow, but then surely enough it was on! Sandwiches and brew fueled the activities. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. Amazing colors, the ever so slight transition from green to brown, yellow, and orange encompassed my field of view. This was the only place I wanted to be; with good company & amazing fish. A good friend of mine landed his first brown on the fly - 20 inches of pure beauty!

Look at those spots!
Cast and Blast
Great Salmo Jim!


Can't Stop

Some people have hung up the fly rod for the winter, where as, I can't get enough! With perfect winter conditions, I headed out in hopes of some grabs. Fishing was excellent. Flows were perfect. I couldn't of asked for a better day. With no one in sight, it practically felt like I had the sanctuary to myself. Tie on anything small right now and I bet you will start hooking fish. Look for fish holding in fast water, seams, back eddies, and behind big objects (rocks, etc). Landed 12, then headed home after a nice sunset photo shoot. Life is good!


Day off

Had the day off, so with little to no snow on the ground ( no skiing yet…)- I headed to the river. Flows were up, bugs were coming off, and there were some clouds overhead. With those prime conditions, things were looking good. After the nice stroll down to the riverside, I cracked a brew. Typically, I don't crack the first brew until AFTER the first fish, but I decided to do things differently today. And did it pay off! Second cast, hooked and landed a nice wild bow. Noticing that there were several anglers upstream, I headed down. Run after run, I was hooking fish left and right. A pretty good day off indeed!


Africa - Part 2

Part two was the second part of the trip. Destination - South Africa. One of the largest sport events in the World was about to begin - THE World Cup and some fishing of course! Durban, South Africa was the next destination. Again; good food, people, and amazing views everywhere!

Durban Harbor
Brazil vs Portugal
fish on
very large Scotch bar


Africa Revisited...

Last year my brother, father, and myself headed for a trip of a lifetime to Africa. First stop was Kili. After a hard push, that was concluded with much success all around! After testing the body, we headed down to South Africa for a chance to catch the big bows in Dullstrum, South Africa. Here are some flicks..Amazing people, food, and hospitality.

sunset from 12k

E with a nice bow

Guide company - Mavungana

Saturday/Sunday are open for some guiding if you can handle old man winter…

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