Fall Fishing Report - Like Steelhead Photos?

It's still Fall in Truckee, but with a bit of snow on the ground. Mornings are brisk, so wearing multiple layers isn't a bad idea. The water temperature stays fairly cool, until the sun shows over the peaks, about 9 AM. The weather for the upcoming week looks good, maybe a bit of moisture on Thursday with temps in the high 50's. Indicator fish has still been the best. I took the weekend off with my Dad to swing some flies up North. The weather was great, as well as the fishing! Flicks below...Oh yeah... GO GIANTS!!
Switch Rods are fun!
Grey Ghost
See the net damage on the face? Glad this wild buck got free... an amazing journey for these Grey Ghosts.
Name that bug!
Wild Hen
Release 2



The snow is here...Backcountry fishing report with Golden Trout

Several friends and I loaded up the backpacks and headed to a high alpine lake for Golden Trout. The fishing was tough as the wind was consistently blowing 20+ mph steadily all throughout the day. Roll casting with a heavy sink tip did the trick. On the way home, we stopped by the East Walker for a quick visit. There were multiple cars at each pull out and anglers on each section of the river. The weather finally decided to show up, snow is upon us now...water temps are cooling off fast, so fish mid-day for best results around Truckee. November is shaping up to be pretty good...


Truckee River Fly Fishing 10/16/12

Temperatures have been brisk in the early AM hours. Fall is here, but without the rain. The flows are still prime on the Truckee. Look for water temps in the 57-60 range. I've been seeing caddis, crays (great thing!), small stones, midges, & baetis. I've been a few Oct caddis as well, but they are pretty elusive right now. Fish the fast water, back eddies, and pools. Some from the last few.


Truckee River Fly Fishing Update - 10/1/12

Fishing has pick up over the last week or so, mostly on the nymph rig with several fish looking up for those hoppers. We had several nice bows chasing from under the alders. The dry fly fishing hasn't picked up yet, hopefully soon! Crays, hoppers, baetis, oct caddis, small olive stones, & small tan sedges have done the trick. The flows are decent through town, but below the Boca confluence is the place to start. Work your way down the canyon towards Reno. You might have to billy goat some of the trails, but chances are you won't find another angler along the banks. Here are some photos from the last few days...

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