Temperature Swing

The weather is changing up here in Tahoe…for the best! The nights are getting chilly, but afternoons have been on the warmer side, low 80's. Water temps on the LT have been prime (48*) for feeding fish. Small flies have been working best on the LT. Olive stones #18, BWO emergers, EC caddis, PMD's, soft hackles, and of course midges. The Truckee has been fishing quite consistent with an average of 10-12 inch fish in size. Water temps in town are a bit warmer at 58* and down near boca, about 54*. Streamer and dry fly fishing in the morning have been working well. Toss on a nymph rig during the midday and switch back to the dry towards dusk. Caddis dries #18,20 are hooking fish. Soon the temperatures will be prime with a brief cold spell coming through Truckee in the next few days. With cold temps come the big BWO hatch, so get ready! Here are some of the last few…


More Backcountry Fly Fishing

Headed back out into the bc these past few days. The Mission - Golden Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita)… A buddy and I rigged the rods and reviewed the map. We ended up fishing some unnamed lakes on the Eastern Side of the Sierra with plenty of Golden Trout. Most of the golden's we landed were in the 7-12 inch range, but some to 14 inches. These golden's are truly an amazing fish and an honor to catch & release them. Streamers, hoppers, caddis, and most typical high alpine lake flies were working. The typical afternoon rain showers ensued daily, but that didn't stop the fish from feeding. We headed out and decided to fish the Upper Owens. Fishing was decent, mostly little guys. The hot springs & cold brew topped off the trip! Now it's time for big browns on the Truckee/Little Truckee….

Golden Trout
Fishing the Upper Owens
Enjoying the view from the hot springs


Fall is Upon us..

The weather is starting to change a bit up here in Tahoe. In years past, we usually get a few thunderstorms during the summer, but not all at once like this past week. School is in session and the crowds are starting to dissipate along the Truckee/LT. Stealth & barometric pressure will also have an affect on fish this fall/winter. When the pressure is high, fish will move towards shallow water and vis versa, low pressure - fish move to deeper water. Flows on the LT have been a bit out of whack lately, dropping the cubes to 17, then ramping it to 303 at the moment. This fluctuation will spread the fish out a bit, so cover more water with your rig. BWO's, giant stones, crays, october caddis, small brown caddis, & small baetis emergers are getting tugs. When I say small, be prepared with size 22's & 24's when targeting spooky fish. Go see Andy Burk down at West River Fly Shop (located in the SportsExchange off West River St. Truckee) for the hottest patterns in town!

Fun fact - The reason we don't see big golden stones flying around during the day, because they hatch at night.


Alaska Video

Here is a video from our recent Alaska float plane trip. Fly fishing the Talachulitna was an amazing experience, through and through. The AK bush is beautiful and wild country. Wildlife is big and the bugs are fierce! This is a place that everyone should have on their bucket list either for recreation purposes or fishing pleasure. Thanks for watching!


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