Duck, Duck, Goose

The last day of duck/goose season was yesterday, so my bud Jim and I decided to check the "spots." There is something special about the last day of a season, whether it be fishing, bird, deer, etc. It is one last chance to enjoy something you are passionate about. For me, it is all about the preparation and restless nights for that one moment of truth. Searching for that 'one moment" takes many years, endless amounts of tippet, leaky waders, and several sets of truck tires. I spotted a flock of geese feeding early morning yesterday. Jim and I drew up the plan and executed the strategy with flawless precision. The hunt went well. Two geese dropped from the fleeting flock. We both had to retrieve our purse as if we were hyper golden labradors ready to swim. We each got our first goose on a day we will both never forget…

Pray for snow…

Big Canadian
Double Goose
Ryan getting after it in the backcountry


Old Flicks

Been doing a whole lot of working lately, but with some days off in the near future - the river calls. With this last storm most of the ducks have left the Tahoe area, although the fish are still here. The best fishing has been on the Truckee River towards Nevada state line and east of Reno. Use small midges and fish them low. With no weather in the forecast, besides sun, Spring skiing should be fun! If you feel the urge to get some winter fishing done, give me a buzz! Here are some pictures to check out. Thanks for reading!


Cast & Blast

Life has been busy the past several weeks for me, sorry for the delay on the fishing update...The weather has been pretty good up here in the Sierra. Things will soon be changing with a strong storm pattern headed this way. With that, the friends and I grabbed the rods and shotguns for a classic - cast and blast! (Maybe one of the last days to fish/hunt the LT) The flows are decent in the Truckee area all the way to state-line. Although the water is cold, fish typically hunker down in the deep pools/runs. Midges and small baetis have been coming off between 11 AM - 2:30 PM. The fish want small flies and 5x.6x tippet. Delicate presentations are a must. Got several tugs, but overall things were a bit slow, so I picked up the ol' steel thrower. Plenty of ducks were in the air, but too high to reach with 3" shells. Overall, a great hunt! There are several conflicting weather reports out there, so until the snow actually flies - keep fishing!

The Truckee in all it's glory
Immature goldeneye didn't see me
Joe with a nice honker

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