First's All Around

After last weeks thunderstorms, we get a week of great weather! The high has been in the 70's/low 80's with a mild breeze. Wet wading has been rather refreshing lately, even through the evening. The fishing has been hit or miss. Get away from the crowds and find some "untouched" water.. (somewhat hard to do in the Truckee area). Nmyphing has been the most productive means to catch fish on the Truckee. Dry/dropper combo in the fast pocket water has been producing. Caddis #14/16, crays (go big), & yellow sallies have been the ticket. You would be surprised, but streamers are still producing mid-day when there isn't any visible action on the surface. The Little Truckee is fishing rather well, but the fish have been difficult to hook. Green drakes are still present, as they have been here just over a month now. Typically they are only show for 2 weeks or so. Fish a cripple, size #8, in the fast water and hold on! PMD's have been coming off right around 11 AM through 3 PM or so. The trout look like they are eating off the surface, but they are actually sipping PMD emergers sub-surface. 5x is key here…Pictures from the last week on the river…
Vlad with fish on!
Dylan styling the river
Matt with his first fish on the fly! What a beautiful fish!


Still flowing

The Truckee River is still pumping at a steady 380 cubes in town. Other tributaries also help feed the flows. Fish below a tributary of the Truckee. The water temperature tends to be a bit cooler and the food sources are plentiful for trout. Streamers & nymphs have been working well for me as of late. Yellow Sallys, caddis, crays, Prince nymphs, Hares Ear, & hoppers have been working. (to name a few) With the increased flows, add more weight than your used to. Fish the sides, slicks, boils of the fast water for some grabs. The Little Truckee has also been fishing pretty well. Flows are at a steady 100 cubes. PMD's, caddis, and surprisingly a few green drakes have been the dry fly action out there. Lots of "salad" in the water, so ease up on the weight if you are nymphing. Dry/dropper typically works best for these flows. With the temps in the mid-80's this week, get out early or fish late when the sun is low. The past few days have been great with the cloud cover and brief thunderstorms we had last night. Time to go streamer fish…have a great day! *Beginning of August is shaping up to be prime dry fly action, book your trip today!


Red, White, & Blue

It's almost the 4th and the weather appears to be cooperating with warm temperatures! The rivers in the area should be crowded for the next week or so, but you can still find some untouched water. Flows have dropped a bit in the area; 350 out of the lake, 425 in town, & 625 in the canyon. The LT has also dropped to a steady 165 cubes. Dry fly action has been pretty good lately...Fish are being hooked on PMD's, caddis, little golden stones, & drakes. Nymph, drp/dropper rigs have been producing fish. Mid-day, fish the pocket water with a dry/dropper setup. Look for rising fish in the evenings. I like to use a downstream presentation, if I know the fish is on the larger side. Careful wading, as the rocks are very slick right now…

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