Happy Holidays!

Life has been busy for us all lately, holidays and such. It's good to see the family again. Typically a bottle of scotch will appear and past fishing stories tend to surface…it never gets old. There is a little gem in the near Chico area that offers fishing for a select few months of the year. Flows are low, due to the lack of rainfall.
I've been working long hours, but see the light at the end of the tunnel. With no snow in the long-term forecast, fishing continues to exceed expectations! Give them your best drift and ease up on the drag when you hook them. Big fish will be had this winter and future seasons to come! Happy Holidays!

Evan getting it done


Stone cold

It's cold all around town, but lacking any significant snow on the ground. Good or bad? At this point, the locals are actually bumming on the no snow factor, unlike last year… Things on the NV side are good. Some local fly fishing waters have also been producing some fish, but nothing like October. Small is better at this point, size #20-22; midges, baetis, cripples, and emergers are making it happen. Jay got this nice bow on a #22, well done!

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