Smokin' Reels

The Rodde clan came out to slay some trout on the Truckee River and they did just that! We fished the morning until early afternoon and were landing bows on nymphs that were hitting bottom. If you are nymphing and aren't getting "salad" on your flies, try adding a bit more shot or raise that indicator for better results. Nymphing has still been productive, although we are starting to see more dries on the surface. Not too many heads showing, but the fish are looking up...Caddis, PMD's, and little yellow stones have been coming off in the AM threw the afternoon. Try birds nests, any type of caddis pupa, small zebra midges, & iron sally's for some bent rod action. Dry/dropper rig is also producing positive results. Flows in town are great for trout holding in pocket water. Below Boca res the flows pick up with several feeder streams feeding the Truckee, so deep runs will produce. The key right now is fishing quite a bit of water in order to find holding trout, but once you find them - game on! Brew up a nice batch of coffee and hit the river early and you just might be rewarded.


Primetime is all the time

Just got back from AK a few days ago and things have been busy! Flicks and a vid are in the works, so hang tight. The Truckee is looking just like Primetime did on Monday night football. Flows have dropped and the raft hatch is upon us on the Truckee River. Most of the Truckee River has simmered down quite a bit (64-198 around town) & (890 south of Hirschdale. Best spots to fish right now are riffles, pocket water, back eddies, & deep runs. Fish are holding in cooler water temps during mid day / afternoon highs. PMD's, stones, and several types of caddis are coming off in significant numbers. Locals around town have been getting takes on top water and the fish are hungry, so bring your dries and prepare for some hard takes! Remember those hoppers (Caelifera), start tying, because they will be on the trouts everyday diet very shortly.


Muy Grande Castano's

Castano in spanish is for brown..Yeah we have been catching some big browns around here lately.  The water is high, clarity is coming around, and the food supply is in full swing.  Trout have a rather large bug selection on the menu, so use go to patterns like caddis emergers, birds nest, green drake emergers, san juan's in tan, coppers, small stones, and BWO's.  LT is sitting pretty at 670 cubes, fish it deep and find slow seams.  Dries will be coming off once the flows drop closer to 400 cubes.  The Truckee is warming up, as the temp was a nice 54* and the flows have dropped to 220 - 350 cubes around town.  If you plan on fishing the green drake hatch, head out about 7:30 PM and find a nice slow slick, look for emergers around 8:45 PM or so, things have been interesting on the late night dry fly action… Some nice browns have been brought to net lately, my buddy had a few days off from traveling and came out to hook into some muy grande castano's… I'm off to Alaska to float the Talachulitna River, just south below Denali Wilderness.  Gear is packed and flies are tied, look for a trip report and video soon!


Bent rods and big bows

Summer is in full swing after a crazy weekend in Tahoe for the 4th.  Things are starting to settle down it looks like. The Little Truckee is manageable now, as Todd and Jared proved yesterday.  The two brothers flew out from Colorado to have some fun in Tahoe and bent rods were on the list… Many hook ups and another double rainbow to end the day.  I'd say overall the fishing is definitely starting to pick up, as the water temps are warming up and bugs are coming off in numbers.  I've been seeing golden stones, march browns,  yellows sallies, oh and the lovely green drakes!  Fishing is good, so get your gear together and make your way to Tahoe! 


Happy 4th Y'all

Happy fourth of July everyone! As far as fishing goes, I just got back into town from fishing the Fall/Pit/Hat/McCloud River up north.  It was a treat fishing dries (Hex hatch on the Fall) and big salmon flies on the McCloud for the infamous redbands. I landed a bunch of dinks in the 7-12 in range, but nothing beats a wild trout... I am back in town and did some scouting yesterday.  The Little Truckee is still flowing at a good 850 cfs, on the other hand the Big Truckee is starting to come around.  Water clarity and fishable flows are slowly coming back.  Be safe out there, as there has already been 1 death and 8 or 9 rescues on the Truckee thus far.  Flows coming out of Tahoe City are still low, but fish are holding in all types of water all the way down to Hirschdale.  The rafter hatch is starting to begin, so evening tends to be the best time to fish.  Below are some pictures from my recent trip.  (Hex pictures are stuck on my other camera, so hold tight for those)

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