Hit or Miss

The weather as of late has been teasing the Tahoe crowd here for several weeks.  Rain, then sun, back to rain, when is it going to end!? Due to the snow melt, the water levels are high and the water is cold.   The adverse weather has had effects on the river conditions to the point where we are seeing Spring feeder creeks that typically flow, are RAGING! The bugs are still out though!!  You can find skwalas, BWO's, and caddis coming off in numbers if the temperature is right.. A little rain and wind isn't going to stop the need to want a tug, so we headed out to see what the conditions were like.   With quite a bit of snow still on the upper section of road, we parked and hiked in towards the Little Truckee at about 9:30 AM.  A few casts later we landed a nice 18'' bow in full spawning colors.  The fishing slowed, as we noticed the temperature of the water was a blistering 39*.  If you are going to catch fish in these temperatures you have to bonk them on the nose with your fly.  11 AM rolls around and the fishing picked up...4 fish hooked in about 20 minutes.  My buddy Eric, landed a nice wild bow on a size 18 SJW.  The fishing and the catching were great!  The urge for the tug was sufficed (for now).... 

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