Muy Caliente

The temperatures have been pretty warm lately, with more heat coming our way. The weatherman are also calling for isolated thunderstorms for the next few days. With overcast skies, the fishing has the potential to be epic. If your looking for the big boys, streamers have been the ticket. Switch rod + sink tip + your favorite cray pattern = deadly. Follow that equation for success. Fishing has been good in the morning on the Truckee, but by the afternoon the water is too warm and the fishing slows dramatically. Swing some flies in the AM, then hit the beach in the afternoon. If your looking for dry fly action, hit the Truckee in the late evening around 7:30. Look for caddis and small stones coming off. Takes will be splashy for caddis and subtle for the stones. I'm off to fish the Big Horn in Montana for a week.. see the full report with photos next week… PEACE!



The summer heat is on! Mid-day the heat has been beating down. Cover up well with sunscreen and a long sleeve shirt. A big hat is also key, along with a good pair of POLARIZED glasses. It is probably the best tool an angler can have, unless you are Hal Janson of course… The trout have been whacking the crays with intent lately. Crays molt in order to grow, in that process they are very susceptible to fast current and lurking trout. Small stones, big stones, caddis, PMD's, midges, & hoppers have been on the menu for the trout. Sometimes when there is a big hatch happening and you can't seem to hook one. Switch up the bug and throw them a hatch "buster", typically smaller than the bug hatching. I've had success with Adams, Wulffs, & Humpies. It never hurts to throw something big up top and drop a small nymph a few feet off the back. August is shaping up to be epic fishing! Here are a few photos from the last few days…

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